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Currencies and Commodities Trading

The currency trading market is one of the largest financial markets in the world, and daily trading of it reaches a very high level in the world, where the daily volume of currencies and commodities trading is about $ 3.5 trillion dollars in the international and local stock exchanges.

Currencies’ trading differs from other types of trading, for example, stock trading is very different from the currency trade. In the stock trading, the person buys shares from the stock market. If the prices of these shares rise, the buyer makes certain profits. But if the prices of these shares fall, the person who bought them will not make a profit but will suffer a loss.

The opposite is true in currency trading. Trading is by buying currencies in other currencies, it means that if you buy a currency, you are selling another currency at the same time. You may be buying dollars for selling yen, pound or Saudi riyals or other currencies of the world, and because of this type of transactions, currency pairs trading has emerged, it means buying a certain currency and selling a certain other currency as well, and the most popular of these pairs are the EUR/USD pair and the USD/JPY pair.

Currencies and commodities trading companies provide all the necessary services for capital owners, whether it’s large, medium or low, as they provide great protection to all their customers, because they cannot control the prices of trading, as happens today in the local markets, where we find great manipulation in the currency markets.

Services offered by the currencies and commodities trading company in currency trading

The world has become a small village today thanks to the global economic openness and the facilitation of many international trading transactions, in both the currency and goods. Trading of currencies and commodities provides a lot of services to all capital owners whether it’s large, medium or low, and one of the advantages and facilities provided by currencies and commodities trading is that it offers all its customers more than 132 pairs of currency pairs, which makes the currency trading up to the highest levels of transactions, there are no competitive prices, there is no kind of commissions or hidden fees, and all participants can communicate directly with the trading room. Currencies and commodities` trading has very large cash liquidity of all types of currencies. Where the single transaction limit in the currencies and commodities trading market can reach $ 20 million per transaction. Currencies and commodities trading market provides all information related to currency markets and informs customers periodically.

Services offered by the currencies and commodities trading company in goods trading

Customers can trade commodities on the largest scale such as gold, silver and platinum, and agricultural products such as wheat, maize, cotton and sugar, as well as energy products such as natural gas and oil. Currencies and commodities trading company makes its customers able to access to these commodities through our trading platform, Investors can benefit from a 1: 400 financial leverage on each investment. One of the most important advantages of currencies and commodities trading is that it gives you the opportunity to benefit from political tensions in the world as much as possible, as well as to benefit from the fall and rise of commodities prices as much as possible.