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Daily recommendations

At present, new and free ways have been provided to get recommendations for currency trading through mobile phones and specialized websites in this field and important economic sites, customers don't pay anything, they are free messages and notifications which sent to the customers continuously to know the situation of international market.

Daily Mobile Recommendations:

This through the messages that sent to you with all the recommendations of daily stock market and forex news and follow up of buying and selling situation in the market, and follow up stocks indicators and business news, as well as the political events that affect the market positively or negatively, These services also help you to choose the most profitable stocks and tell you the right time for both buying and selling of them. This is very helpful and useful factor for the customers who have few experiences to reduce their losses which happen because of their insufficient knowledge of the market situation and stock exchange.

Daily e-mail recommendations:

This is done through the subscription to one of these sites and it will automatically send all the secrets of the market and stock exchange and all updates of these sites which the customer has subscribed to, these messages tell the customer the market situation so he will be able to determine the right time for selling or buying, so they will reduce the amount of losses, especially for those who have little experience in the forex, these sites also send forecasts which may happen and affect forex positively or negatively, and send to the customer all the details via e-mail periodically. Now it is available to be opened anytime and anywhere, either through the phone or the laptop which with us all the time, this makes the subscriber follow the news continuously and helps him to avoid losses and make him able to buy or sell at the right time.

Because many traders want to invest in this field, there was a strong need to a way which make new investors follow the market continuously in order to know the advantages and features of that market, As a result, trading companies seek to develop free recommendations service to be available to all employees in this field, companies provide investors with the information that they may need in this promising market, which increases investments in Forex. Also trading companies provide technical analysis services and basic analysis services to know market situation and indicators in the past, so they can predict indicators in the near and distant future.

The importance of these daily recommendations for new investors:

These recommendations are very important especially for new traders because they have no prior knowledge of forex and this may expose them to big losses or they become an easy prey in the hands of old investors who know all the Forex tricks. New trader can avoid this by taking the right steps and understanding of these daily recommendations, this will make him undoubtedly gain a lot of experience and make the profits that he has been waiting for. After learning, experience alone in a market like Forex is a great fortune, but investment without experience causes a huge losses.

These recommendations are also useful to know the most important currency pairs traded in the Forex such as EUR / USD, GBP / USD, CAD / USD and other popular pairs used by investors, especially the USD because it’s the official currency of United States of America which has the world's largest economy.