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Islamic account

The Islamic account is one of the most famous Islamic transactions that free from riba-based interest, Islamic account is also free from riba-based loans. It adheres to the Islamic approach in Forex and prohibits the taking of any interest from trading. We know that online trading methods have become the world's leading, and many forms of riba-based transactions appeared in the buying and selling. By the emergence of modern trading in the global Forex markets, commercial types appeared which have never been known before, such as currency trading and CFDs, but the Forex markets impose fees on the traders called swap/ rollover fees, and the traders must pay these fees if the contract exceeds 24 hours and the transaction is not closed. This is made a big fuss in the Islamic world because of the suspicion of riba in this type of dealing. Then efforts are united to find a solution to this problem, and the solution is to create Forex companies without swap/ rollover fees, and this type of accounts called the Islamic account.

Swap/ rollover fees affect the profits, as well as participation in such riba transactions is against the Sharia. Therefore, the Islamic account has cancelled these fees, and the transactions between customers became swap-free.

Best Islamic Account:

The company that offers all the necessary features to make transactions which completely free of riba, and gives all customers the best ways to deal in the field of trading, and provides personal consultation to anyone who uses it in Forex, and supports all customers 24 hours a day through all modern means of communication, such as phones or e-mail, or through live conversations between the client and the employees of the Islamic account company, it’s the best company to provide Islamic accounts, the company is only a legal broker which subject to supervisory authorities and has a license to do this work.

There are companies that provide forex platforms that are compatible with all smart phone applications to facilitate the trading process and have a very high financial leverage, which enables customers to trade through the Islamic account by doubling true capital.

The Islamic account does not have any swap/ rollover fees, and the company is committed to providing full awareness to all its customers by providing all the means of education related to global forex, as well as all contracts and minerals. The Islamic account provides facilities for deposit operations and at the same time provides adequate facilities in cash withdrawals quickly and safely.

There are great facilities in payment operations, payment can be made through bank transfers or through the customer's credit card. The company, which offers Islamic accounts, is one of the best Forex companies in the Arab world and has great credibility with its customers.

Terms of dealing with our Islamic account:

  • There is no delay unless it is necessary Sale and purchase transactions are done immediately,
  • The two currencies are entered and recorded in the account of both the seller and the buyer.
  • Full transaction costs are paid without any delay.
  • The trade transaction between the parties must be completely free of riba, and if this is discovered, the transaction is considered invalid.