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Personal Accounts Manager

Many customers face the problem of not having enough time and experience in currency trading and need a personal account manager to manage their accounts, but he must have the necessary expertise in trading and know all the advantages and risks in this type of investment, this is not easy and difficult to be provided, so we will guide you to two ways to get a personal account manager:

First: send to the trading company which you are dealing with and tell them that you want to employ a personal account manager. Then you will sign a form of agreement as it will protect you from any fraud or any breach of his duties towards you. But you must be sure of the company's reputation and it is a reliable company and has a good reputation in the market so it will not to agree with the account manager in fraud and divide the money between them.

Second: personal account manager you choice must agree to open a recommendations provider account in Zulutrade, then you choose a recommendations provider for your account. The advantage of this is that you can delete it at any time if he is a fraudulent or he breaches any of his duties towards you. Also, through the control panel, you can control the size of the contracts according to your agreement with him, so he can not increase the size of the contract or increase the number of contracts, which leads to the destruction of your account.

We'll show you the most important factors to help you choose your personal account manager:

  • Looking for a reputable and well-known account manager, this by asking well about him and searching for his CV online, as well as by communicating with companies he has previously worked with and getting reports that prove this.
  • Looking for an independent account manager is better than who work with a company, so he will not make agreements with the company which you don’t know anything about them and take all your money or destroy your account, therefore always look for experienced freelancers.
  • Dealing between the customer and the account manager should be strictly legal and away from any dealings outside the company, so the account manager is given a formal authorization of the administrative role only, and determine the percentage of participation in profits and the companies will deduct this percentage of the profits per month and transfer them internally to the account manager to avoid those side agreements that may be unfair to the customer. It is important to know that the companies calculate the percentage of profits fairly and clearly monthly on new profits only, so no profit is deducted unless there is a new additional profit above the original profit, by this way there is a great equity for the investor and the account manager.
  • You shouldn’t give the account manager your password without authorization. In this case, it’s better to have an investment account to ensure that your portfolios are monitored and managed as you receive a daily report on your transactions and the account details.
  • It is necessary to agree with your account manager to manage the account for a certain period of time and with agreed percentage based on the expected profit and agreed percentage of losses, then you should inform the company about this and set the maximum permissible loss so the company will stop the portfolio with the signature of the account manager and customer.
  • Don’t run behind huge profits because they are also very risky.
  • Don’t deal with managers who use experts and automated trading because this makes the possibility of greater mistakes by the programmer, also he doesn’t interact with market situations.
  • Last advice is to accepts all types of loss and profit that occur in the market without feeling angry.