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Trading Platforms

Before identifying the most important trading platforms, we should mention a brief summary of some related terms such as the meaning of online trading and Forex.

Economists and experts say that online trading is the process of online buying and selling of financial products, and this is done through a trading platform provided by the trading brokers.

What are The Trading Platforms?

The trading platform is a broker between the Forex company and the trader where the information is exchanged, it is also an interface through which you can access Forex orders online, it is a software that may be installed on your computer or you may access it directly from any browser without installing it..

For whom are these platforms available?

Anyone can access the online trading of financial currencies and deal with online platforms.

Forex trading can be defined as:

It’s a forex trading process, which gives the trader a profit, and it is earned through the differences in prices between the currencies.

You can do this without having to go to the bank or to the exchange office, but you can do it easily through the Internet.

What is the importance of trading platforms?

  • Provides users with historical data and real-time data.
  • Access to different orders types.
  • Helps to trade Forex more accurately and efficiently.

What are the most important Forex trading platforms?

  • MetaTrader 4 trading platforms:

It was developed in 2000 and it is one of the most famous trading platforms in the world and it has a dynamic system so that dealing with it is very easy, and the most important features of this platform are:

  • Execution of orders immediately.
  • Include charts.
  • It has automatic alerts and signals.
  • Multilingual tool.
  • Available in several versions.

MT5 platform:

It’s a platform that offers its users unique features that enable them to trade with complete confidence and the most important features of this platform are:

  • Award-winning platform.
  • Provides technical support to its customers 24 hours a day, five days a week.
  • Has risk-free trial accounts.
  • Users can trade with only $ 100.
  • Market analysis charts.
  • Instructional support for users through free video tutorials and e-books.

MT Pro platform:

This platform has great technical capabilities and its most important features are:

  • Ability to trade through the chart.
  • Ability to know live and instant news through the platform.
  • Enable platform to be run on different operating systems.

SIREX platform:

It’s a platform developed to enable users to connect directly to their account easily and at any time and from any place, this is to offer the easy access to news and recommendations, and the most important features of this platform are:

  • Can be installed on all devices from PCs or smartphones.
  • The platform has advanced trading orders.
  • User can manage accounts through one platform.
  • Fast and immediate execution of transactions.
  • User can change the platform interface as desired.

There are many other platforms that have not been mentioned, and all of them are world-renowned platforms and they have many features. But what matters to the user is to choose a trading platform which is easy to use, enables him to do all trades easily and enables him to execute orders immediately.