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Trading Terms

Trading in Forex markets has a lot of terms, and these terms are registered in the commercial register of the trading company. Trading terms are as follows:

  • The investor must have a computer to help him following the trading transactions in the Forex markets, because the computer facilitates the following of the trading transactions.
  • Reliance on global information network, and it is preferred to subscribe to the Internet through the broadband network.
  • Choose a platform to trade on, there are platforms that convert foreign currency to gold, there is a comprehensive foreign exchange trading platform, and there is MT4 platform which enables us to make real trading transactions through Forex.
  • Indicators and charts should be continuously monitored to follow trading transactions in global markets.
  • Trading in the Forex markets is done in the same day before the closing of the trading market, but if the transaction does not end on the same day, in this case it called forex swap, and there are companies don’t take any money or hidden fees in this case, but only take swap/rollover fees, and you should take into consideration that the volume of transactions has to do with the amount of swap/rollover fees, the less the volume of transactions, the less the amount of swap/rollover fees, and on the contrary, the more the volume of transactions, the more the amount of swap/rollover fees.
  • There is a trading margin during the trading week through the Forex companies, the available trading margin is 0.5%, and this value represents the default value of the trading margin.
  • One of the trading terms is that there is a minimum amount of money to participate in trading transactions through the Forex markets, and the minimum amount of money is $ 250 to open trading account in MetaTrader 4 platform, but in PROfit platform the minimum amount of money to participate in Forex trading is $ 100.
  • There is no commission in the trading of stocks in Forex companies, as the commission in trading is zero, but the profit of foreign exchange companies and trading stocks represented in the commodities that the global market needs especially in the field of oil is through spreads and the trading volume in Forex.
  • Foreign currencies trading is at any time of the day, and working hours start from Sunday at 22:00 GMT, and the trading continues from this time until Friday at 22:00 GMT.
  • One of the trading terms is that if the stock reaches zero, the market is filtered, where the centres automatically close those stocks which their the account reaches zero, in order to protect the customer from turning his account into a negative account, because if the account turned into a negative account, it means that the account is completely not responsible for any amount exceeds his deposit.
  • The companies that the customer deals with must provide a steady spread to currency pairs that the traders use such as the GBP/USD pair, EUR/USD pair, USD/JPY pair, and many other currency pairs.
  • You should take into consideration what’s called price slide, which is the difference between the expected price and the price at which the transaction was executed, the price slide is very normal case, and there are two types of slide, the first is the negative slide and the other is the positive slide.

What mentioned above is a quick introduction to the most important trading terms in the Forex, and the trader should read the trading terms of the company that he registered and opened an account in it.