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VIP Account

Vip account is a special account for very important financiers and investors in the of banking transactions field, Forex company has created this account to deal with VIPs, as VIP account gives you a great opportunity in paper trading, where you can put millions of dollars in your account to enjoy the Forex trading easily, VIPs' money are put on the platform to do transactions on the largest scale.

How to subscribe to VIP?

Forex has created a VIP account to facilitate paper trading, and a vip account typically starts with $ 20,000 on the MT4 platform, and the amount can reach $ 100,000. This amount is the minimum capital requirement on the N networking, VIP customer can get the lowest price difference available on the stock market.

Who has VIP account can trade in very large contracts, but he is not allowed to trade in small contracts. Forex brokers rely on prices differences resulting from large trades that the traders do on their platforms, and VIPs can put millions of dollars on the platform, this shows how the trader is one of the very important assets to the broker.

Who has Forex VIP account is allowed to do currency trades and transactions on the phone if necessary, and is allowed to deal with asset-based trade contracts such as metals and energy products through the foreign currencies of the owners of those accounts. The most important features of a VIP account

The owners of these accounts benefit greatly from these accounts, as it gives them a lot of opportunities that make a lot of their money in Forex markets, but the owners of small accounts in Forex do a lot of transactions to obtain a significant financial difference, The VIP account is fully committed to pricing so what the trader sees on the trading platform is what will be done in the transaction, as the prices available to the VIP account are fully trusted.

VIP account owners can claim a welcome bonus up to 30% and they can trade all the instruments, and may request more instruments if required, they also have the right to enjoy free exchange accounts and has unlimited live chat, the VIP account owner gets free subscription to a lot of services such as Avex trading, SMS service, also VIP accounts have higher financial leverage.

VIP accounts are the best accounts for traders who have great experience in Forex, so anyone can deal with the big traders and have a great experience in paper trading should enjoy all the advantages offered by the VIP accounts to their customers.

The first and last goal of this type of accounts is to help businessmen, VIPs and financiers to employ their money. The opening of a VIP account gives the customer strong trading indicator to make him know the direction of the currencies easily, customers also have private groups to discuss all the transactions and information is provided to all the subscribers to this account.